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Inspired by the pattern of choice of royals in ancient Persia, the beautiful “Paisley Poise Collection” is all about grace and elegance. Popular with nobility and the elite, the pattern would be woven onto the finest silk fabrics in gold and silver thread, lending exclusivity to any garment. Making its way via India to England and Scotland, the pattern became known as the paisley, after the town Paisley in Scotland – a hub for Europe’s top textile producers in the 15th century.

Traditionally featured on coveted Kashmiri shawls, this season Mizah B presents a contemporary iteration of the paisley pattern inspired by batik design with a twist. In elegant colourways to match modern trends, the creative interpretation of the batik featuring paisleys can be found in exquisite prints on Mizah B’s luxurious chiffon hijab that’s neither too heavy nor too light, draping just nicely however you style it. Perfect for evening and formal occasions.

Size - 200 cm x 70 cm
Finish - Baby Seam